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Friday, December 3, 2010

cite hantu!

huhu! weekend korang boring ke? kalau  x okai le tu! have a good weekend and enjoy it!
sape2 yg terasa bosan tu, dok umah je or dah boring on9 jom kita sama2 tengok cite!!!

(sila tekan pd gambar utk menonton secara on9)

Ghosts Don't Exist: Ghost hunter Brett Wilson struggles to move on from the death of his wife, Nicole, and their child. On the verge of retiring, he needs a phenomenal case to wrap up his paranormal TV show. When someone calls claiming that Nicole contacted him, it seems that a fan is desperate for attention...but the call is far from a ploy, and Brett takes on a bizarre case that quickly turns personal--and deadly.

p/s: gune streamyx line bagus ! ehe! enjoyyy! :P

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