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Monday, November 29, 2010

SATAN (modern symbol)

Satan is good and evil, love and hate. It is the gray; the totality of reality undivided into arbitrary dichotomies. Satan is not a real, not a living entity, conscious, or a physical thing that can be interacted with. It is a symbol, something ethereal, something that exists as an emotional attachment and personal dream. Just like Buddhists do not worship Buddha, Satanists hold up Satan as an ultimate principal rather than an object of literal worship. Satan inspires and provokes people, so, like all (honest) religions the ultimate point is self-help. God-believers have a different opinion on what Satan is, but their opinion is a result of their religion, steeped in mankind's ignorant past. Satanism's Satan is much more eclectic and multicultural than to be defined by Christianity or Islam.

Satan is the dark force in nature representing the carnal nature and death of all living things. The vast majority of the Universe is cold, uninhabitable and lifeless. The only part of the Universe that we know contains life is tied to a system of predator-and-prey: the natural world is violent, desperate, bloody and amoral. If there is a god, it is surely evil. Satan, and Satan alone, best represents the harshness of reality.

The religions and gods of the world result from human wishful thinking. They are delusions, lies, methods of control, suited only for the gullible and stupid, serving to hide the nasties of life from view, making people unprepared, emotionally stunted, and subservient. Satan is rebellion, intelligence, anti-religion, anti-god; the accuser, the doubter. When Satan replaces God, the blindfold is discarded.

“Does the dreadful form of personified evil only prompt you to smile?”
"The History of Magic" by Eliphas Levi (1860)1
All the elements of Satan I have just mentioned are discussed in more depth below and on the essays linked from this page.

Satan is inseparable from good. It only exists in our limited minds as we try and explain the world. A Satanist does not treat Good/Bad as Light/Dark. The descriptions are arbitrary. The Dark Force cannot be avoided, tamed, ignored or resisted against. We create it as we view the world. Every Satanist defines it differently. We feel it all the time - it is our ego, our intelligence and our errors all warping to form our observed reality. It is the potential for nothingness that exists wherever there is something. It is real life, necessity and materialism.

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