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Sunday, January 30, 2011

just trust yourself!

I told you my secrets and everything I know
I asked you if you did that but your ansewer was a no
I thought your were someone I could trust
Well I was wrong , our friendship was like dust
You swore not to tell
Does that ring a bell
Stop pretending to be my friend
We all know how this will end
I must say you are perfect in lying
Only yesterday our friendship was alive but today its dying
From now on I only trust myself
I wont trust you or anybody else
Well done , great job
You are a selfish lying snob
Owch ... you stabed me in the back
but while doing that you tripped over a crack
Game over .... you lose
There is nothing to choose
To everybody out there want some advice
Never trust anyone else, Only trust yourself .


  1. good rhyme! haha
    aku pon percaya diri aku, ma family n awek aku la
    hati orang susah mau predict ikhlas ke x
    if u give em a lot, don ever hope to expect any return
    mcm ko, ingt aku percaye ko...cis!

  2. AHAHAHA! yeah! cisss! aku pun x percaya ko :P
    muahahaha! diri sendiri perlu d utamakan! xde org len boleh faham kite except diri sendiri. gong xi fa cai!