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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 10 Hottest Women in Metal

 Where will your favorite place on this list? Will the queen of metal (Tarja) come out on top as she always has practically every year in this decade? Could the darkhorse of the group, Maria Brink from In this Moment, be really "in this moment" and take the top honors. Or could this be the year where Sharon from Within Temptation claim what is rightfully hers considering she has had more exposure this year (and hence gained more fans) with her collaboration w/ techno giant Armin van Buuren...... ??????

my list    

1. Traja Turunen

2. Simone Simons

3. Alissa White-Gluz
(the agonist)

4. Maria Brink
(In this Moment)

5. Sharon den Adel
(within temptation)

6. Christina scabbia
(Lacuna coil)

7. Angela Gossow
(Arch Enemy)

8. Anette Olzon

9. Kristen Randall
(Ex- Winds Of Plague)

10. Lauren Harris

Don't forget to make a comment in regards to your thoughts about the list. Do you agree with or disagree with my findings? Who would be your number one? Hit me with your top 3, 5, 10, or whatever.


  1. aik? maner tia?? x de dlm list pon he3

  2. HAHA. ala tia infinity! xdapat challange punye! :D
    hehehe =P

  3. yeke? dlm list tia tu je..
    xtau la list awak :D HAHA

  4. aku ada crush sama ashley ellyllon....dia manyak cantik